Pogo + Back to the Future

“In rural, tribal societies with no technology, people move on average at three miles per hour because they are walking everywhere. In most developed countries, if you add up the costs of driving a car, the time you spend earning that money and the time you spend in traffic, it has been estimated that we, too, move at about 3 miles per hour!”

– Jeff Speck

“The medium of the designer is behavior.”

– Robert Fabricant

“HAL 9000, were it a Mac, would report: “Can’t open the pod bay door because this mission can’t be jeopardized.” Or: “The door ‘Pod Bay’ can’t be opened because it would jeopardize this mission. Try the emergency airlock.””

– Brent Simmons

“One thing error messages never say is sorry. They’re just reporting, and they respect you enough to know you want the facts, clearly expressed, and don’t need to be apologized-to by a machine.”

– Brent Simmons

“Research provides the inspiration, guidance, and validation we need to design great products. From the personal (like interviewing users) to the analytical (like metrics) there’s a continuum of research skills that are essential for design teams. The most effective companies integrate this discipline into their culture and make research a habit.”

– John Zeratsky