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Console beats.

“Collaborating with others is one of the best parts of being a designer.”

Cap Watkins

Magic of CSS — Adam Schwartz »

Good stuff here. Just don’t use the universal selector to set box-sizing like a rookie.

“One of the important skills a good designer brings to the table is figuring out what the real problem is. Most designers fall prey to this. The client says what they want, what they want to achieve, and then the designer comes up with a solution, but they never really ask whether or not that’s the actual underlying problem.”

Don Norman

Product design at GitHub · by Kyle Neath »

Every employee at GitHub is a product designer. We only hire smart people we trust to make our product better. We don’t have managers dictating what to work on. We don’t require executive signoff to ship features. Executives, system administrators, developers, and designers concieve, ship, and remove features alike.

Really great article about product design at Github. Though, traditional user research methods seem to strangely go unmentioned.

Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Superior »

How the BBC should practice Responsive Web Design


FACT: design as a service and responsive web design are incompatible. This is an open letter to Ralph Rivera, the head of BBC FM, explaining how we should change the relationship between developer and designer. This blog post is massively inspired by (and in some places copy’n’pasted from) Trent Walton’s excellent blog post which finally placed into words how I’ve always felt but was unable to externalise. Thank you Trent :-) and sorry for copying you so blatantly.

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Grids From Typography »


Since we started 1910, we’ve developed somewhat of a standardized method around how we work with grids and typography for digital applications. Following is a brief summary of our process that is under constant development as we go along.

1. Text Size

The base premise is to let the content…

Good stuff here.

Just released Geomicons Open – Open Source Icons for the Web.

Just released Geomicons Open – Open Source Icons for the Web.