Introducing SoundRad


I love SoundCloud – I’ve been a user since it was in beta in 2008. (I’m user #1561 according to their API.) SoundCloud’s really grown up since I started using it. It used to be just people I knew sharing early versions of tracks, and now the community is so big, I am constantly inundated with new musical discoveries. While the new SoundCloud design is a huge step forward, it’s still clear that the company is focused on the creator side of things. The navigation design is spectacular, but the site’s performance is infuriatingly slow. 

I wanted a faster way to jump between my stream, artists that I follow, the tracks that they like, and the users they follow. I really don’t care about waveform images, album art, or all of the user avatars that are downloaded for each comment on a track. I really just want the content. Audio is the content.

That’s where SoundRad comes in. It doesn’t do a whole lot, but what it does do is a lot faster than SoundRad strips out all images, comments, and some basic functionality to leave a streamlined player to listen to music on SoundCloud. The only thing you can do with SoundRad is navigate, play, and like tracks, but it makes far fewer network requests than SoundCloud’s site.

Why did I do this? Mostly because I wanted it, but also to learn more about Javascript MVC frameworks. A couple months ago, I could do next to nothing with JS. Now I’ve got a pretty good handle on some of the basics of AngularJS. I’d also never really dealt with an API before, so there’s that. I’ve been fiddling with this a little longer than I’d planned to, so I’m putting this out there and starting on my next project. Enjoy!


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